Develop Your Personal Leadership

Do you want to increase your teams capacity to lead more efficiently as #leaders?

Do you want to increase #employeeengagement? Do you want to increase your company’s earning potential?

Do you want to increase your #diversityandinclusion numbers?

This Simple Intelligence Leadership Training is for you and your team.

How to develop your IMPACTFUL PRESENCE.

Leadership Conversations with

Premiere International Clothing Designer Haj Gueye

Empowering Leadership Talk with  #Maisondehaj#CEO Haj Gueye. The importance of loving yourself and how your image helps your business. There is a saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but people naturally judge you by the way you look first and a first impression is exactly that, a first impression. We hope these conversations encourage you to develop an impactful presence and a spirit of excellence as a leader. #gethajdup