Pierre Campbell is a dynamic development coach and mentor with demonstrated achievement. His exceptional communication style and leadership development techniques allow him to break through corporate cultural barriers to maximize the talents of each team member, exceed team expectations and explode myths about how to make a company profitable.

More importantly, what Pierre teaches us transcends business. His philosophy touches on each aspect of our lives and ultimately propels us all into the stratosphere of our own being and potential as leaders in our careers and in our lives. The “PierreCamp Experience” creates value for each individual participant by exposing the meaning and purpose of leadership and its impact on each life.

Diversity and Inclusion

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Pierre's goal during personal and group coaching sessions is to present the leaders, managers or athletes with self-exploration questions that help them develop and hone a true sense of self.


Pierre is an accountability partner and provides valuable insights and mentoring tips to not only help the leader develop, but help the leader to develop others.

Keynote Speaker

Pierre's speaking challenges us to be authentic in all our dealings, to understand ourselves and to not be afraid of the power each of us holds over our own future.


Pierre's consultation services include a needs analysis that specifically identifies organizational strengths while focusing on ensuring the right people are properly positioned throughout the organization.

Dining Etiquette

You will get the basic dinning etiquette and leadership skills you need to increase your self-awareness and confidence in a dining situation.

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