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To encourage, through positive reinforcement, the exploration of self-awareness, its impact on the developing leaders ability to be their true self at all times and their ability to become a strong, effective leader and contributor to the organization, team and family.

TLN Vision

To introduce the concept of gratitude and love into the conversation of how to encourage, develop and grow leaders based on their personal strengths and weaknesses to maximize the success of the individual and ultimately the organization, team and family. 


Meet Pierre Campbell

Known for his authentic style and passion as a Leadership Coach and Mentor, this Queens, New York native is an empowering speaker who infuses hope, positivity and action into each and every presentation. Pierre’s personal approach encourages participants to achieve their desired results through the power of positive thinking and proactivity.

Pierre develops leaders, managers and athletes by instilling a heightened sense of confidence and honing their ability to work effectively in teams through self-awareness, self-exploration, and acceptance. These same traits earned Pierre the college football Hall of Fame Award, a successful career as a professional Arena football player, and the opportunity to further develop as a leader and mentor as a Campus Director at a major University. Pierre earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources.

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The Leadership Network Team is a collaboration of experts in their respective fields, ranging from speaking and training, to specialized subject matter in Leadership and Corporate development.


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