Pierre’s public speaking engagements are educational, motivational, inspirational and uplifting. Audiences are treated to a charismatic speaker who has an uncanny ability to relate the mundane details of everyday occurrences to the manner and spirit in which each of us manages our professional and personal life. His ability to connect on a personal level is unparalleled. Pierre challenges us to be authentic in all our dealings, to understand ourselves and to not be afraid of the power each of us holds over our own future. Pierre provides an interactive and empowering message that brings out the best in each of us.

Personal and Group Leadership Coaching

Pierre’s goal during personal and group coaching sessions is to present the leaders, managers or athletes with self-exploration questions that help them develop and hone a true sense of self. When leaders have keen insight into themselves, they are better able to confront the world. Learning about oneself is the best method for understanding others. Pierre steers the leader to strength identification in an effort to maximize each person’s “God-given” talents to achieve their desired outcomes and create more value in what the leader can offer the organization or team. Pierre is an accountability partner and provides valuable insights and mentoring tips to not only help the leader develop, but help the leader to develop others.


Pierre’s consultation services include a needs analysis that specifically identifies organizational strengths while focusing on ensuring the right people are properly positioned throughout the organization. His goal, engaged, capable employees who maximize the team’s opportunity for success, is achieved through coaching and development, mentoring and empowerment and answering the question, “Why do people (employees/customers) leave organizations?” Pierre extends the concept of service through stewardship by teaching leaders to first know thyself to facilitate knowledge of others. It is this knowledge and wisdom that propels the leader and the organization forward.

Dining Etiquette And Leadership Training

It’s not uncommon for a job interview to take place during a meal. This might be because the employer has a busy schedule or because they want to get an idea of your social skills. They also want to know how you present yourself under pressure. This session is designed to give you the basic dinning etiquette and leadership skills you need to increase your self-awareness and confidence in a dining situation.

The Leadership Network

The Leadership Network provides access to a series of conversations with successful leaders through “Pierre Campbell YouTube Channel”. Featured leaders share their stories and best practices with you to not only inspire you, but provide license for you to live the life for which you dream. Each conversation is a part of a leadership legacy being passed on to you. The benefit of which is a source of learning from the experience of others, and the inspiration to create your own positive stories and best practices. Pierre also shares speeches and leadership coaching videos on the channel as well.