Pierre has touched the lives of many people. Take a look at what people are saying.

Larry Boyd, Manager – INROADS

“Pierre is a high-energy professional who has the ability to connect with his audience, capture their attention, and deliver quality learning results through innovative, interactive methods!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Willie J. Johnson Jr., Branch Manager

“The Enoch Pratt Free Library hired Pierre Campbell as a presenter for our Staff Development day last fall. Mr. Campbell delivered two successful workshops on “How to Do More with Less Resources.” I was fortunate enough to attend one of the sessions and I was extremely impressed with the wealth of knowledge Mr. Campbell had to offer. The way Mr. Campbell crafted his presentation to fit the personal needs of the class was phenomenal. Mr. Campbell took the time to research the Library’s rich history and its functions. It really surprised those of us in his workshop, because Mr. Campbell knew more about the Library’s history than we did. This was a sure sign of someone who takes his craftsmanship very seriously and professionally. We look forward to having him speak or train us again in the near future. Mr. Campbell thanks for sharing your leadership, management, and personal development strategies with us.”

Abe Abich, Financial Advisor

“I highly recommend and endorse Pierre Campbell and PierreCamp to anyone looking for a leadership coach or a motivational speaker. Pierre is a stand up guy, a true leader, and it shows in his actions. Pierre is very talented and I believe has found his true calling as a leadership and performance coach and speaker at PierreCamp. Thanks for being a great inspiration Pierre, keep up the great work!”

David Hoffman, CEO, JOBFORCE

“I just wanted to follow up with you to give you some feedback on the results of applying principals, strategies and techniques you shared with me on The Leadership Network (TLN) recently.

As a result of your advice, I was able to improve relationships with my fellow team members, increase productivity, and foster the development of new relationships and new business. In my mind, this was a no brainer, and a 300% return on investment.

Thanks again for The Leadership Network, and I’m honored to be a part of such a wonderful and valuable resource to the business community”.

Thanks Pierre!

John A McDaniel 3rd, Prep-Dispense Coordinator
University of Maryland Dental School

“On behalf of everyone that was present during the “Working with Multiple Generations
in the Workplace” another round of applause. I got a lot of positive feedback on how
engaging and gratifying everyone felt afterwards. I was requested to tell you it was not
boring and everyone was wondering why we had so much laughter echoing thru the

Matt Elban, Athletic Director

“Pierre and I have known each other for a few years now. I asked him to speak at a sports
banquet while I was Athletic Director of a private school in the Richmond VA area.
He was tremendous and received many compliments from parents and students alike.
I would recommend Pierre to speak at any type of event while high energy is a must.
Thanks Pierre! ”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

G. Jeana Jenkins, Campus Director

“Pierre is a dynamic speaker. I had the opportunity to attend an engagement
entitled “How to Maintain a Powerful Positive Attitude” which was not only informative
but entertaining. I strongly recommend this seminar for any group in the customer
service field as they will truly find Pierre motivating and stimulating. Even the seasoned
professionals leave with new tools to rejuvenate their enthusiasm.”

Danny Fritz, Campus Director

“Pierre is an excellent leader, manager, and visionary. He has the great ability to
infuse any team with passion, motivation, and desire to be number one – which is why I
affectionately referred to him as the “Chief Culture Officer”. He looks at the big picture,
effectively communicates his vision to a team, and manages to have that team execute
it flawlessly. Fundamentally that is what leadership is all about. Pierre spent countless
hours – on and off the clock – building and developing me as a leader, and he has shared
similar time with many others to personally develop them into roles of leadership. I
would not be where I am today, if it were not for Pierre’s leadership, mentorship, and

Opio Gary, Campus Director in Training

“I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Pierre for over 10 years. He is a standout individual, both in and out of the workplace. One of Pierre’s exceptionally strong skills is his ability to motivate others. He speaks with an unmatched level of passion and conviction. Pierre understands how to uplift the culture of an environment and influence those within it to continue striving for success which positively impacts bottom line. Pierre is a true professional, and his enthusiasm and purpose would make him a great fit in any organization.”

N. Flowers, Ph.D. Chair – Criminal Justice Dept., and Campus Dean

“I am one of many people who, having worked with Pierre Campbell, are confident in recommending him both professionally and personally. Pierre has impressed me with his core competencies: Level of engagement, focus, and facility for problem-solving. This skill-set is grounded in his motivational energy – a winsome character trait that enhances his leadership and management style. I have no hesitation in recommending Pierre, and am sure he will flourish and make a successful contribution to any organization.”

Nahshon Nicks, Campus Director

“Pierre Campbell is a “Guru” when it comes to leadership and development in post- secondary education. His passion to see colleagues and counter parts successful in the academic arena is un-matched.”

Danielle Black, Student, Marketing Coordinator Sr. at WellPoint

“Pierre is a genuine individual who is truly concerned about the well-being of all students registered at the Strayer University campus in Mason, Ohio. He always appears eager to stay in touch with the student population and is continually willing to listen and offer academic advice. Pierre would be an asset to any university or company because of his obvious dedication to his job. It has been a great pleasure meeting Pierre and sharing a professional connection with him.”

David Noland, PhD, LC, LEED AP, Academic Dean

“Pierre Campbell is an effective leader of people. He understands how to motivate people and leads them by example. Among Pierre’s many positive attributes is his character. He understands that we must first earn the trust and respect of the team before the team maturation process can begin. I enjoyed working with Pierre because I always learned something from him everyday. He challenged me to think differently. I am confident that great things are in Pierre’s future. I would recommend him for a position with any company looking for a strong servant leader.”

Theresa Goforth, Admissions Officer

“Pierre Campbell is an exceptional leader and motivator. Pierre has a natural ability to connect with people. His charisma and energy is contagious. Pierre is a fantastic team leader, as well as team member. I was fortunate to work for Pierre and was taught how to look at the whole picture in business and grow from his personal investment in my professional development. I would recommend Pierre for any speaking engagement. Once you meet Pierre Campbell, you will leave feeling uplifted, motivated and ready to take on any task before you!”

Terri Eppert, Student, PRO Professor/Benefits Research at Macy’s

“Pierre has been a great mentor. He assisted me in career decisions and going back to school. Whenever questions arose, he was able to give me answers quickly with details to help me make necessary decisions. If I became discouraged about school, work, home, he encouraged me to stay on the path that I was walking and all other things would fall into place. As a result, I have been able to continue to strive for my degree, receive a promotion at work and set the example for my children not to give up in achieving their goals. Also, I have had the privilege of working with Pierre at on-site recruiting with my company to show associates that they too can achieve the educational goals while maintaining a job and family. Thank you Pierre for everything.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity